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Lesson Observer Pro Version 3.0

Upgrade Details

The next software version to be released will be: Version 3.0

ETA : 2nd Quarter 2014 AVAILABLE NOW Contact Us

Version 3.0 has been built from scratch, we set about making the application as simple as possible to use whilst increasing the amount of features it provides. The front-end user interface is more streamline and focused on delivering information in an easy to read manner.

Benefits of Version 3

New front-end design: more information, less clutter

Our main goal with Version 3.0 was to expand on the flexibility of the system with regard to device compatibility. The current release supports a typical desktop browser and most tablet browsers in landscape orientation. With a completely redeveloped front end, the application will automatically adapt to suit the smaller screen of a smart phone / phablet device so that an observation may be saved via a mobile phone using a mobile network as opposed to relying on a WiFi connection - ideal if observing a P.E. lesson outside for example.

Introducing the all-new Dashboard

The new dashboard feature gives you the ability to view teaching performance at a glance. Each user has their own personal dashboard which they can customise. Dashboard items take live data from the observation system and provide simple, easy to read charts based on matching criteria (e.g. all observations for Numeracy in my user group). Then with one click, more detailed information is produced instantly from any dashboard item.

Rapid Reports

Our brand new report builder allows users to create complex, custom reports easily and quickly. Simply select the criteria from a series of drop-down menus, select the type of data you want to see and click "create". The new report system has the ability to save reports as templates (to re-run at another time) and also save report data (take a snapshot) for future use (reviews etc).

Teachers Standards (Self Evaluation Forms)

The Teachers Standards forms part of a Teacher's self evaluation and is now a part of the Lesson Observer Pro tool. This means teaching staff are able to complete a Teachers Standards form quickly and leadership are then able to review and assess the forms much more efficiently.

Grouping Users

With version 3, we have included the ability to create "User Groups". This is a way of grouping users (teachers) based on particular criteria. E.g. A member of leadership may look after a certain number of teachers, they will therefore need to be able to view any observation data for those teachers and create reports based on that group.

Overall Judgement

The system now features an "overall judgement" calculation which will automatically generate based on the overall percentage of the observation form headings. The thresholds for this feature are customisable in the system settings and in the event of an overrule, the observer may manually override the system's generated outcome.

Print Forms & Reports

Printing in previous versions was possible but not fully supported. In version 3, printing is fully supported for all forms and reports. Meaning you can print an observation form without any fields being split across two pages. Reports are printed "clean" without any configuration options shown.

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